Drumatix acidlab


Analog Drummachine based on the circuits of the 606 with additional sounds and parameters.

Price: EUR 660.- + shipping

Miami acidlab


Analog drumcomputer based on the circuits of the 808.

Price: EUR 880.- + shipping

Bassline3 acidlab


The Bassline with new sequencer and updated sound-circuits.

Price: EUR 550.- + shipping

Tabletop Devise

Tabletop Device

The Autobot and the Robokop as a tabletop device.

Autobot: EUR 420.- + shipping

Robokop: EUR 440.- + shipping

Modular acidlab

Modular acidlab

M303 acidlab


Modular synthesizer-voice of the 303 with VCO, VCF, VCA and ENV. The analogue circuits are the same that are used in the original.

Price: EUR 290.- + shipping

Autobot acidlab


The Trigger-Sequencer of the Miami as a rack-mounted device.

Price: EUR 340.- + shipping

Autobot acidlab


The Sequencer of the Bassline3 as a rack-mounted device.

Price: EUR 320.- + shipping

Bombass acidlab


! Currently Sold Out !

Midi controlled analog synthesizer based on the circuits of the 303 with a lot of modulation and sound extensions.

Price: EUR 530.- + shipping